Winner Story

Sometimes winning a large jackpot is a great thing in a person’s life. But other times winning can cause more problems than it solves. The horror stories of this who won big and lost it all, including their families, is a favorite of the news and gossip shows. But far more often, winning a big jackpot makes peoples dreams come true, and usually fixes a few of their live’s ongoing problems, at least the financial ones.

Here is the story of a German man who found himself with a whole mess of financial worries. His luck changed one summer evening and he became one of Betsson’s biggest ever winners.

Business was bad back in 2017 for 45-year-old Alex, a farmer in southern Germany. The troubled farmer was behind in his taxes, had trouble fixing things around the farmyard. He was selling scrapped copper just to get by. He was struggling and didn’t know if he’d be able to keep his business.

After a long day driving to pick up feed and equipment, Alex decided to relax playing some games at Betsson Casino. That when after about a half an hour of play on a slot machine game Alex hit it big! He won a jackpot of E500,000. It was the free spins that allowed him to win. According to Alex, “It was the most unexpected thing. I think I never actually thought about winning. I just liked playing the game. But this jackpot I won came just in time.”

Fearless Leaeders

He used the money to catch up on debt and hire help to make the farm profitable again. With the rest of the money, Alex has traveled all around Europe, the United State, and Australia. With his business and personal finance back on track, Alex can do a lot of the things he’s wanted for years. A big fan of football, Alex his seen matches all over the world. Alex is so interested in Football he is even a fan of the American professional ‘soccer’ league.

He has decorated his house with sports collectibles from his favorite teams, some dating back to the early part of the last century. Alex gets to buy the best seats and stay in the best hotels when he is traveling, sometimes getting invited into VIP boxes. Winning at Betsson let him make his business something that makes him money. So he not only has the money from his winnings, he has the additional income he is making from his farm.

Sometime’s it’s our wishes we aren’t aware of that come true. Or at least, if we are wishing for them, it’s usually not a wishing over a slot machine. Yet, in Alex’s case, it was a slot machine that came to the rescue. He used his winnings wisely to help himself and his community by hiring several new workers. That didn’t mean Alex didn’t have fun with his money though. His business runs well enough even when he’s doing it from a distance.